Only in Dreamland

by Spin the Outside

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    1. Prelude
    2. Adrift
    3. When Daniel Sleeps
    4. I Thought I Could Fly
    5. In the Morning
    6. Green Fairy
    7. Somewhere in Dreamland
    8. High Hopes
    9. The Alluvion
    10. She Talks in Her Sleep
    11. Halcion Fields
    12. Mi'kmaq

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released April 13, 2013

Mr. Fussy – Vocals, Synths, Bass, Guitars, Programming, Drums
Citizen Zebra – Vocals, Piano, Synths

All songs written by Mr. Fussy and Citizen Zebra.
Recorded and mixed by Mr. Fussy at Gesch Studios
in Staten Island, NY in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen.

Cover Art by Melissa Zayas

In loving memory of Edwin Charles “Chuckie” Geschwendt.
We grew up together like brothers. I still see you in dreamland.

Soli Deo Gloria



all rights reserved


Spin the Outside Dover, New Hampshire

"New York’s Spin The Outside certainly veer towards the prolific, yet the controls are firmly set on quality not quantity. Combine this with the quiet magic of discovering a new band, then realising there is a catalogue to discover, to swim in like a sonic lake made by Willy Wonka, then Spin the Outside may become one of your favourite new bands." - Jay Wilkinson - Chartburst ... more

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Track Name: Prelude
Dreams will come and dreams will go
What happens there only you can know
The things you see while you're asleep
Are secrets that your mind will keep
Track Name: Adrift
A boat out to sea
My whole life before me
I tried to ignore the leaks and waited for a breeze

Waves of relief call to me sweetly
Tried to say me goodbyes to the great sea
But she won't wave back to me

It's cold here tonight (out on the water)
I can't feel the fire
Adrift all through the night (but I'm not getting closer)
Wish I could undo the tide

A boat out to sea
My whole life reminds me
Whatever I may dream
It's always out of reach

It's cold here tonight (out on the water)
I can't feel the fire
I'll dream all through the night (that I'll see the shore)
And sail into the light
Track Name: When Daniel Sleeps
Daniel had a dream
The four winds stirred up the sea and woke the beast
Just as his king believes he sees what will be
Wheels carry a throne ablaze
Above a river of flames the Ancient of Days

A lion with wings torn off humbles Bablyon
A bear raised on it’s side thrown into the fire
The goat conqueror the great Alexander
The fourth beast we named Rome the kingdom we call home
Track Name: I Thought I Could Fly
I said come watch me fly I tried but I just froze
The people gathered there said she’s lost it we suppose
The will that I had was gone

I felt a lift then weightless floating up
I thought I could fly

I watched the world getting small I was afraid and lost control
Past the moon and so cold
I was so alone
Track Name: In the Morning
Sometimes you tell me you survived
I’ve missed you since the day you died
Sometimes we talk through the night
I wake up and hope you are alive

We grew up together like brothers
Now you’re not around
Haunting my dreamland we are bound
We are bound
I’m sorry
Sorry I let you down

In the mourning I hope that we were mistaken
In the morning I hope you’re alive and staying here with us
Staying near to us
Track Name: Green Fairy
I followed you into the trees down
There’s no other place I’d rather be now

Make my grey skies blue
Enchanting whenever you fly wherever you go I will follow you

I watched you fade into the breeze down
You won’t be coming back to me now

Make my grey skies blue
Enchanting whenever you fly wherever you go I will follow you
Track Name: Somewhere in Dreamland
I was crying in my dream I guess I wanted to feel
I plotted up another scheme but it wasn’t real
I wanna get out of here
I wanna real love
When I wake up you’ll be near and that will be enough

When you sleep somewhere in dreamland
You can meet anyone you want but it’s not real love in dreams
Track Name: The Alluvion
I see my face reflected in the glass
Sun in the west sets
An office space a hundred floors high I see it all beneath me
A giant wave reaches from the sea over the city streets
I ask God for mercy save me in my fear of drowning
As the wave crashes through the glass hold my breath
Swim up the stairs to the ceiling
See another wave recurring