by Spin the Outside

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    1. The Dark Tower of Babel
    2. Bottoms Up
    3. American Dream
    4. Clever Alice
    5. Bloomville
    6. Escape
    7. Murmuration
    8. Prone to Wander
    9. A Gift for Lorna
    10. Whatever Happens
    11. I Will Break

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released May 21, 2012

Mr. Fussy – Vocals, Synths, Guitars
Citizen Zebra – Vocals, Piano
Craig Brann – Guitars
Nick Morrison – Bass, Guitars
Todd Roger – Drums, Percussion
Nicholas Kozak – Saxophone
Alfonso Alegria – Cello



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Spin the Outside Dover, New Hampshire

"New York’s Spin The Outside certainly veer towards the prolific, yet the controls are firmly set on quality not quantity. Combine this with the quiet magic of discovering a new band, then realising there is a catalogue to discover, to swim in like a sonic lake made by Willy Wonka, then Spin the Outside may become one of your favourite new bands." - Jay Wilkinson - Chartburst ... more

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Track Name: The Dark Tower of Babel
this is the place your fathers built
a tower of schemes
you could be king
we are saying the same words
but we don’t mean the same thing

for you the sun in the sky is a reminder
you're gonna die
for me another reason why i should live
there is life

you could race to the top
once you start you won’t stop

once you’ve climbed to the top
you hear the crowd below they say jump
Track Name: Bottoms Up
you got blown away by a wicked game
face after face is chewing your mistake
it happened so fast
you’re here so raise your glass
can you make it last

monkey see monkey do
whatever he wanted to

you’re not even phased
sleepwalking on your grave
her name is blame and she’s married to you
it felt wrong but you needed proof
it’s happening
you never felt like this before
you never been so sore

we got cellular phones to tell them how we’re bored
we got hbo for broken homes
we can see the world through a fiber optic cord
but we’re so alone
Track Name: American Dream
is it just me
is everyone lonely
the tv don’t care and who else is there
to smoother you clean and dust off the saline
and if you bleed you’re the life of the party
and as God sees will He believe me
the american dream
will He believe me

there’s always something that i can’t make safe
i’ve had enough
i’ve had enough

i could break through or just pretend to care about you
i can be cruel
what happened to me was it my family
sesame street
i bet it was money
but i love you
do you believe me
don’t you believe me
Track Name: Bloomville
amber went out to the party
the last thing i said was stay warm
no one could tell how it started
she never meant no harm

we haven’t seen her for days
maybe she moved away

or maybe she found what she wanted
she had her hopes beyond here
no one could say how she parted
how can someone just disappear

we haven’t seen her for years
what happens when love disappears

i hope someday i’ll see her
at her old house in bloomville
i dont wanna talk about amber
i want her here with me still
Track Name: Escape
it hurts me so that you’ll never learn
and you’ll never grow
another kind of suicide
it was a show more than you’ll know
your debt was already paid
think of the broken hearts you made in the years since you went away
you’ll never change

it’s such a great escape to say that we are not made
you could have fought it we could have worked it out
you didn’t want it and now you will never change
Track Name: A Gift for Lorna
i made a cage for the bird that i love
her song falls in linoleum halls far above the flood

see it from her windowsill
we all taught her to be still
come what may come what will
fountain or an oil spill
it is better to restrain
clip her wings to be safe
come what will come what may
see it from inside her cage

i saw a change in the bird that i love
she never flew we never knew what she could become