Spin the Outside

by Spin the Outside

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    1. Under the Sun
    2. In the Clouds
    3. Whitefield
    4. The Wilderness
    5. Days of Your Youth
    6. The Devil's Advocate
    7. You're Gonna Miss Me
    8. Atonement
    9. Boys and Girls
    10. Simply

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released November 22, 2011

Mr. Fussy – Vocals, Bass
Citizen Zebra – Vocals, Keyboards, Whistling
Alfonso Alegria – Guitars, Violins, Cello
Klaus Traurigstein – Synthesizers, Keytar, Trumpet
Todd Roger – Drums, Percussion, Programming



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Spin the Outside Dover, New Hampshire

"New York’s Spin The Outside certainly veer towards the prolific, yet the controls are firmly set on quality not quantity. Combine this with the quiet magic of discovering a new band, then realising there is a catalogue to discover, to swim in like a sonic lake made by Willy Wonka, then Spin the Outside may become one of your favourite new bands." - Jay Wilkinson - Chartburst ... more

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Track Name: Under the Sun
under the sun

the sunrise i’ve waited for all night
looks like rain wash away slumber pain
under the sun i fell in love between two trees
a river as God breathed
what are you waiting for will you believe

the world will stop and on that day what will you say
this world is ours we run from Your ways
ran but You chased

what could i do for You i wouldn’t look good to You
if it wasn’t up to You i wouldn’t have a love to lose
teach me Lord the way to love like you do
Track Name: In the Clouds
in the clouds

in the clouds on a crowded street
your ice creams melting from the summer heat
the sudden rush of loneliness in the clouds

will this be the day you crack
listen do the walls talk back
its hard to keep yourself intact
on the way down on the way down on the way down

they told you to be yourself
but that didn’t turn out well
a coin inside a wishing well
on the way down on the way down on the way down
Track Name: Whitefield

some days i feel older than my years
some days i feel like i’m not here
i don’t know is that city life
since i moved out from the country every window whispers to me
get out before your heart wears down
all the neighbors that surround me might as well be strangers on the moon
my satellite my living room

if you hear me i’m not okay can you save me from the city way
please take me back to the fields of white where i can lay

the traffic lights and sirens know i’ve never been so alone
i’m invisible
Track Name: The Wilderness
the wilderness

you have been stranded in yourself
for you it’s the wild or nothing else
you’ve gone ever deeper in the dark
and you should know its tearing at my heart

don’t turn away don’t turn away you’ll be sorry
don’t turn away don’t turn away once you’re lost you’re gone

what would the heavens remind you run with the fire behind you in the wild
there outside where everything’s alive tonight you become the wild
Track Name: Days of Your Youth
days of your youth

when your plans were new you were sure of what was true you were so happy
now that doubt shows through will it get the best of you it doesn’t take long

you were the joy of town before your heart wore down
before you questioned all you knew
great is the burden of proof gone are the days of youth
watch as they fade from view so soon
you weren’t in a hurry and you didn’t worry when you were young

all your friends from school moved away and so did you home was left empty
new doors opened to choose but decisions can be cruel when you could be wrong

look at the world outside before you get too tired
before the questions hold you still
great is the burden of proof gone are the days of youth
watch as they slip away from you
you weren’t in a hurry and you didn’t worry when you were young
Track Name: The Devil's Advocate
the devil’s advocate

weak is the heart that aches whenever we get close
the one who loves you lets you go
weak is the will that breaks when it matters most
i’d break it for you but i’m a ghost

even the demons know to tremble and believe
there’s something wrong here but it’s not me
some day you will see

better the devil you know than the devil that grows

great is the fool that fans the flame into a fire
great is the hurt that doesn’t tire
weak is the word that breaks when driven by desire
only words make me a liar